Janet Morgan

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Saturday, October 22 - 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 ,p.m. - Gardiner Lion's Club, Gardiner, Maine (on route 126 across from grade school)


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Killdeer Farm Mysteries



Nothing ever happens in the quiet village of Wyleyville, Maine, until one of theirs is murdered in the public library. Librarian Jessie Tyler is still trying to recover from her husband’s death when she is accused of killing the man who made her a widow.

     The residents of Wyleyville are shaken – and a little bit excited – not because the town’s most despised man is the victim, but because the finger of guilt has stopped on Jessie. She is not sorry about Alfonse Sweetzer’s death, but now she must prove she didn’t kill him.

     Before Jessie’s loss, life had been perfect. Living on the farm she inherited from her grandparents, her memories take the reader back to Jessie’s idyllic childhood. Nostalgia and humor permeate the story as Jessie, her best friend, and an unusual third party, attempt to solve the murder in the library before Jessie is carted away in handcuffs.


     Composted Tyrant begins with librarian Jessie Tyler continuing to deal with the death of her husband as she is propelled into yet another mystery. Who dumped New Yorker Reginald Trilby into the library’s compost bin and why? After vowing to just watch from the sidelines, local librarian Jessie Tyler is drawn into the case when the father of a friend becomes the primary suspect.

     Jessie has help from her son, her best friend, and ghost-in-residence at Killdeer Farm to discover the true identity of the killer. Ghost Ben Ames’ presence at the farm lends itself to the individuality of the series. His ongoing interaction with Jessie not only acts as a catalyst to her survival but also leads the reader into discovering more about Ben’s mysterious past.


     Set in rural Maine’s Baxter State Park, Katahdin Drowning is complete with murder, secrets, love triangles, and much more. A visitor to the park is amateur sleuth and librarian Jessie Tyler, a curious, smart, and strong-willed heroine with a tragic past.

    Jessie is on vacation when she, her son, and three friends find a body floating in Katahdin Stream. To the dismay of the police, Jessie becomes involved – and eventually discloses the solution to the case.

     During an interlude at Killdeer Farm, readers once again meet ghost-in-residence Ben Ames. Ben not only helps Jessie cope with personal heartbreak, but provides the key to the solution of the murder. The gentle specter’s ongoing presence also draws Jessie into his mysterious past, which lends itself to the individuality of the series. Ben’s wisdom keeps Jessie on the right track through the power of love.

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